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SAMURAI X Episodes episode 01
It was a foggy day and a young lady was searching for the Hitokiri Battousai who has been killing in town. She had mistaken a wanderer as the killer and she attacked him. He dodged the girl's attack, but he landed as a heap on the ground. He told her that he was a wanderer and even showed his Sakabatou to prove himself innocent. After inspecting his brand new reverse-edged sword, whistles sounded, and the girl threw back his sword and rushed to the scene. She was about to be slashed when the wanderer rescued her from certain death. The killer escaped, shouting back his nickname, Hitokiri Battousai and his fighting technique, Kamiya Kashin Ryu. The girl woke up in her room, her wound bandaged and taken cared of. She is Kamiya Kaoru, a master of the Kamiya Kashin Ryu. The wanderer was cooking breakfast with Ayame-chan and Suzume-chan when she found him. Kaoru invited the wanderer to stay at her dojo after saving her life. She lost all her students that day, because of some nasty rumor. That night, Kaoru got mad when the wanderer told her that the killer might be a student from her dojo. He was already gone when Kaoru came to apologize. The next day, Kaoru looked up his father's records, confused of her sudden recollection of an incident involving one of his father's students. There it was written, and at the same moment there he was, Hiruma Gohey in the flesh, with his men, to finish Kaoru. The wanderer saved Kaoru, his identity revealed. Red hair and the cross scar, he was the real Hitokiri Battousai that ushered the Meiji Era. He knocked out all of Gohey's men, and rendered the delusory battousai's right hand incapable of handling a sword again. Kaoru forced the wanderer to stay, blaming him for all this mess. She asked for his name, it was Himura Kenshin.

episode 02

Kaoru was driven mad by the silence, caused by the absence of students practicing at the dojo. Because of her frustration, she forced Kenshin to treat them out...

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