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heroes lore scr - Newest pictures

Heroes Lore : Wind of Soltia Guide

RPG by Hands-On Mobile™

Download link :

The best selling mobile sensation from Korea has finally arrived internationally!
Journey into a land of heroes to save an entire world from evil in this epic adventure filled with combat, quests, magic, and monsters. Discover the truth behind your mysterious past and gain mastery over powerful magic that lets you control the elements and summon powerful guardians to do your bidding. Battle through untold dangers and collect amassive arsenal of swords, axes, shields and armor, combining them with magic to create the ultimate weapons for your epic quest. Voyage through a huge game world of dungeons, towns and vast wastelands - all filled with deadly monsters and giant bosses. Confront your destiny and become a true hero of legend!
• Heroes Lore 1 & 2 have generated over 2 million downloads in Korea
• Heroes Lore 2 recognized as the most successful mobile RPG of the year in Korea
• Heroes Lore 2 generated over 100,000 downloads in less than a week
• Heroes Lore was the most searched item in Korea’s largest Internet portal, NAVER
• Recent release of Heroes Lore 3 posted the biggest blockbuster mobile sales ever regardless of genre
• Heroes Lore has become so popular that a manga has been created based on the game
Key Features
• Choose from three characters: Knights, Rogue or Guardian.
• Customize your characters as you play and level up to face new challenges.
• Collect over 120 weapons and magical items – then combine them to create thousands more.
• Discover 6 different guardians each with a different set of magical powers to aid you.
• Defeat over 80 types of monsters and challenge giant sized bosses.
• Explore a huge world of over 100 maps, from desert to icy tundra and lush grassland.
• More than 30 hours of role-playing actionand adventure.
Game Features: Sound, Vibration, Help, SaveOption, Highscore, Suspend/Resume

Rare Item List : Name - Atk/Def - Drop Monster
2 Handed Swords:
Song Blade 175 Bear
Bone Breaker 177 Fire Golem
Berserk Warrior's Sword 178 Ice Golem
Dull Winged 147 Templer Royal
Unicorn Horn 150 Nord Spawn
Shark Tooth 152 Ice Golem
Grim Ripper 152 Stone Golem
Lion's Talon 152 White Shadow
1 Handed Sword:
Sword of Swear 167 Fire Golem
Sword of Revenge 167 Ice Golem
Knight's Sword 168 Sand Worm
Hyun-Woong's Sword 173 Hydra
Sword of Oath ??? Ice Golem
Lion Armor 27 White Shadow
Dragon Armor 28 Undying Soldier
Crimson Armor 29 Burning Horror
Abyss Armor 30 Stone Golem
Demon Armor 31 Geb Spawns
Celestial Armor ?? Templer Royal Guard
Hard Light Shield 10 Sub-Quest
Impact Shield 11 Bear
Hero Shield 12 Stone Golem
Battle Hat 13 Last Test Quest
War Helmet 14 Bear
Swan Helmet 15 Geb Spawns

A Complete Recipes For Mixing
high P0ti0n = p0ti0n + p0ti0n
st0nes f0r mixing:
p0wer st0ne = silver + platinum + wine
Hp st0ne = Ro0t + platinum
Will st0ne = wine + ruby
Wind st0ne = emerald + drag0n's t0oth
cold ir0n = black ir0n + p0ti0n
0rb of Weakening = Power St0ne + Black Ir0n + P0ti0n
0rb of Faint = Will St0ne + Crystal of Water +Ruby
0rb of Fatigue = Hp st0ne + Black ir0n
0rb of Bleeding = Wind st0ne + Hp st0ne
0rb of rage = P0wer st0ne + Crystal of Fire
0rb of Death = Cold Ir0n + Crystal of Earth + Wine
Vampire 0rb = Hp st0ne + Emerald + Tree R0ot
0rb of Sleep = Wind St0ne + Crystal of Water

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