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What are the freemasons? Not many people no who they are, or what they do. The fact is people around us are freemasons, judges, most people in the government, bush and blair, hitler was one and so was Nostradamus. what you are reading could be freemasonic, but i know what you do, an i´m not scared of giving people the truth. Freemasons are immune to law (because judges are freemasons) and the majority of jury members are freemasons.
What do they want? Before the other day, i thought they just wanted total power. But they want more than that, they want something far more out of the ordinary. Look at the american dollar. On it theres the picture of a pyramid and in the middle of it is an eye.(the all seeing eye) The freemasons use this sign and worship it. this is the eye of rah. an almighty powerful egyptian God, and somewhere in egypt, this pyramid is being built. once completed, their plans to bring on the tyrant king wil go ahead, and all will be made to suffer. this pyramid, It is one of many images of dejhal (dont know if that is spelt right think it mite be dhajjal) also known as lucifer (fallen angel aka satan) the bringer of armageddon and the final war. They believe that it shall show its face in the form of an idol or celebrity that people shall idolize and bear gifts upon him before he shows his face as the tyrant king. Now this is getting wierd but its about to all make sense.
What about the war in iraq where will this fit into place? Iraq has a strong islamic following, and apart from that, if bush has got his finger ´on the button´ one nuclear missile would affect all arab countries around iraq.
How are they fulfilling the prophecy? The war on terrorism sweeping across the world is not a war on terrorism. It is a war against islam and its beliefs. A war against islamic countries that know the truth. dejhal showed his face on the planet once before. The islam people locked him in a tomb. Therefore is it not common sense that for dejhal to rule, all of islamic people must be left in ruins. Is it not true that islam is the fastest growing belief?

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