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☆°•Chakra & Kundalini•°☆

There are seven (actually nine) power centers in body called Chakras. They are not visible with eyes but can be felt in higher stages of meditation.

Name of Seven Chakras are:
1. Muladhar Chakra,
2. Swadhisthan Chakra,
3. Manipur Chakra,
4. Anahat Chakra,
5. Vishuddhi Chakra,
6. Agya Chakra &
7. Sahastrar Chakra.


Kundalini Shakti or Serpentine Power:

As explained above below Muladhar Chakra is situated a triangular shaped structure from which arises the three Nadis (Idaa, Pinglaa & Sushumnaa), and that is why this triangle is called "Mukta Triveni". The terms will be explained if asked for. In its centre there is a "Linga" on which a Serpentine Power "Kundalini" is wrapped. Kundalini is like a serpentine taking three and a half round with its tail held in its mouth.

If some how this Serpentine Power "Kundalini" leaves its tail from its mouth and enters into the "Sushumna" in Spinal cord than it is called the awakening of Kundalini.

Like in a house there are various electrical appliances like, bulbs, fans, heater, refrigerator, TV etc. and they all start working or come to life when electricity comes. Similarly when "Kundalini" awakens and enters the "Sushumna" than all the Chakras start working or come to life. Kundilini pierces through all Chakras one by one and ultimately reaches Sahastrar Chakra. At this stage the person attains the stage of "Nirvikalp Samadhi".

While going through various Chakras it gives various powers to the person. But one should not become attracted towards these power and think only how to attain the ultimate goal.

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