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Muladhar Chakra:
It is situated at Pelvic Plexus, Between anus & base of urethra at about 1 inch in depth. It is of the shape of Lotus with four petals self lighted with red colour light. On the four petals are letters - Vam, Shham, Sham & sam. At Centre is the letter Lam.

Meditation on it gives - Health, Happiness, Vocal & mental power.

Below this Chakra is situated a triangular shaped structure from which arises the three Nadis (Idaa, Pinglaa & Sushumnaa), and that is why this triangle is called "Mukta Triveni". The terms will be explained if asked for. In its centre there is a "Linga" on which a Serpentine Power "Kundalini" is wrapped. Kundalini is like a serpentine taking three and a half round with its tail held in its mouth. Details of "Kundalini" power will be explained later.

Swadhisthan Chakra:

It is situated at Hypogastric Plexus, inside spinal cord (behind abdomen). It has six petals lighted with nearly orange colour light. On the six petals are letters - Bam, Bham, mam, yam, ram, Lam. At centre is the letter Vam.

Meditation on it gives - High vocal mental power.

Manipur Chakra:

Its situation is at Epigastric Plexus or Solar Plexus inside spinal cord, behind umbilicus. It has ten petals lighted with blue colour light. On the ten petals are letters - Ddam, Dham, nam, tam, tham, dam, dham, nam, pam, pham. At centre is the letter Ram.

Meditation on it gives - Knowledge about body.

Anahat Chakra:

It is situated at Cardiac Plexus, inside spinal cord (near heart). It has twelve petals lighted with orange colour light. On the ten petals are letters - Kam, Kham, gam, gham, angam, cham, chham, jam, jham, jhham, tam, tham. At centre is the letter Yam,

Meditation on it gives - Mental power, conquer on negetives. It is the origin of Anhat Nada. Meditation on it is good for ladies & devotees.

Vishudhhi Chakra:

It is situated at Carotid Plexus, inside spinal cord (at neck). It has sixteen petals lighted with smoky light. On the sixteen petals are letters - A, aa, i, ee, u, oo, ri, ree, lr, lrr, e, ae, o, ou, am, ah. At centre is the letter Ham.

Meditation on it gives - Long life, good health, constant & sharp mind, high mental power.

Agyaa Chakra:
It is situated at Medula Plexus (Pineal Gland & Pituitary Gland), between eyebrows. It has two petals lighted with white light. On the two petals are letters ham & Ksham. At centre is the letter Om.

Meditation on it gives - All the advantages on doing on all chakras. The three Nadis (Idaa, Pinglaa & Sushumnaa) meets here and that is why this is called triveni. One who knows & takes bath here gets free from all the sin.

Sahastrar Chakra:

It is situated at Cerebral Plexus, or at topmost point of head. It has thousand petals lighted with different colour light. All letters mixed with different vowels are situated on these petals. At centre is Bindu or dot of light.

Meditation on this gives - Freedom from the bonds of death or mukti.

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