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This pure and holy passion every soul has, Never denie it... At all times... Believe in yourself... Be yourself... Reshape your judgement.. ,But still, Do speak your mind.. Live each day to its fullist... Taste each breath as you'll never taste it again.... ¥B!e$se!) Be...
22.06.2007 05:34 EDT,
Dont ever care of what they say,. Dont ever care of what they know.. Happiness is only an expression.. We pray for the guardians surrounding us never to leave us... Not many will admit,But we all need them.. The Gods and Goddesses above up.. Always with us..The eleven special selected angels hovering over our heads.. Never forsake us.. May all the pain of lost loves of this lifetime... Vanish.. And may every last soul experience true love.. if only once in their lives... <¥Next page¥>
22.06.2007 05:27 EDT,
*<>*Wicked prayer*<>* I pray of the darkness take me. I beg of the light, forsake me. I hope that the past will forget me; I wish the now would cease to see me. I pray of the shadows to be me. I hope that they will not know me. I wish to remain a faceless figure of dreams. I wish that I could lose who I am, drown in river of silence, swim in the sea of the damned. I pray the night protect me. I beg of you never to forget me. Lillith<>ybw<>
01.05.2007 09:34 EDT,
*!<Darkness calling>!* Hopeless dreamers all, lost in a search for pure goodness and total evil, we fall into an abyss of utter finality, in a world of truth, for from the lies of reality. Into the realm of dreams we run, hiding our sins behind wishes of new beginnings. We stand alone, watching the sky, praying to remain far from home. Hell burns below us, lies surround us, and yet we see ourselves as the hopeless. If dreams are useless and love is never to be ours, then perhaps we are damned. But until the day of judgement, until our bodies cease to breathe, we hold a powerful gift; we hold t...
01.05.2007 09:30 EDT,
if in shadows i travel its an unseen road made of gravel like rain runs across it it thickens jus like blood runs outa my veins , like darkness folds around me hope of light vanishes my world turns to stone becomin cold nd un sturbed becomin like a lake of unrippled water in darkness its subtle my soul dwells round ina hall leadin to the gates of hell thru all my emotions i sum time come to an confusion bout life thru intrusion my soul comes to infusion between dark nd light
29.04.2007 15:40 EDT,
I linger in the darkness aw how i long for the sweet deep dreaming i lie inside myself for hours...i linger on the 2paths of monsters crying out my name i cnt remeber dreaming..i ònly have demons that këep me on the lèft path their precence are always with me until i find that true love to take the demons away before they carry my soul 2 the dark lord i dnt cry no mre unless u will wipe these tears . Im alone me u come walk wth me for many years ill breath for u just like the fire that always burns nd like the oxygen that keeps the flame burning ...T}{R()UGH TH3 D@RKN3$$ L!GHT Y()UR $!N!$TER C...
22.04.2007 12:51 EDT,

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