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jeansad b - Logos

Up Yr Life

mixed idioms-explainings 4 THE PATH

Karma= Your Life

TANTRA: To express the YANGYIN-Knowledge in all phases of live. Working with the normal life as the place of meditation. Learning to live with sympathy for Universe and its plays. Learning to develope BEST ENERGY.
YANG= warm - summer - phantasy - fruits - erotic - sound - sun - woman
YIN: winter - cold - useless tired thinking - noisy traffic - drugabuse - sex - moon - man
[ ... don't trust those who are trying
to sell Yang for yin
and Yin for yang ]

You are the open blue Sky
..anything else is only the weather
( *words of a tibetian teacher)

No GiveAway=
..a bird with only one right(yin) wing
can not fly and will probably
soon die.
a bird with only one left(yang) wing
can not fly and will probably
soon die.
a bird with a left(yang) wing
and a right(yin) wing
can fly and will probably SURVIVE.

TUMO: Tumo is what makes Your Power and Your Energy positiv/healthy. TURNING is a discribtion for TUMO. TUMO saves You from the cold , warms up body&soul.

When someone eats right food, when someone does comfortable ASANAS, if someone makes good love and meditations : every time the TUMO will be load and the person is able becoming young healthy and wise.

ASANAS: asanas are what a Yogi does in diszipline. the asanas activates in a sublim way power. Names of special ASANAS for example are: Candle - Cat - Snake

[*Madame Blavatsky who brought
first tibetion and indian
teachings Raja-Yoga and
ways to delightnes to Europe
w a r n e d about Hatha-Yoga
and not wanted it accepted as
helpful Yoga.
If You search for disciplines
which support Your inner power
as well as Your health
look for QI GONG and KUM NYE.
Kum Nye ist a soft kind of
Yoga. KUM means body and
NYE means spirit and soul-power]

Sleep/relaxing=called the smal Yoga.

Vegan or vegetarin=do not see it
"dramatic",ha. vegetarian/vegan food is best&most joyful. but if you live in normal vegetarian you must make no stress to become "better an better".
You "on the way" if u decide
and train not to use violence
without reason
against humans, animals
and every living feeling beeing
[ STEP by STEP ] . .
Avoid negativ tama-food: meat/fish.
be aware of alcohol- and drug-abuse.
One Ayurveda-word is: samadi-food.
nuts/vegetables/fruits a.s.o which give balance&power.

past/future/dreams »» Vrities [ neurotic, tired making illusions ]

Bonsei-tea: special expression for electronic equippment/tools.

kindly awarness !
to refresh tired energy/meridianes and release/calm too activ nervous energys by glimming gras-sticks.

(> three3 enemies on the WAY »
[1] Violence ( without reason )
[2] unfair Ruling ( without acceptance )
[3] Moralism (which try to control
You and others )
Any damage in normal is the result of over-communication(!)
( to get not part of any! communikation
is a special case of ' over-communikation')
The Culture of Silence is a way to comfort power. Can include » chilling «
( meditation/contemplation supported by sound )

to make progress in the dayly soap-opera it may be useful to check the SPM (Sex/Erotic--Power--Money/Mobility). Than to check your ALFA (!!)
> speak softly when You tell the truth . . I don't want my heart to hear <

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