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Go Ahead

religions are for SATAN's Ass

. . and take care that You
do not rob or fool the ill and the poor
and not insult the loving ones . ..

CLEAR&CALM is the goal for meditation&Praxis in the different kinds used with an acceptable YangYin-comfort.

DO » personal PATH


Moksha=kindly energywork. Symphaty
:::::::::: A I :::::::::::

["religion"=in orgin means Roots.]
>at this planet gaja at this uprising kali-yuga there are three prime "religions" at work and a fourth, the scientology.
>the established ones are Buddhism/Taoism and the collection of similar whisdoms by Konfuzius: Can call it the GOLDFISHs or the CATs.
>the just biggest tribe is the Islam.
Islam is a movement for peace and justice. the Sufis are the mystic tribe of Islam. Can call the arabic Moslem-religion the REPTILS.
the tribe Islam has connection to the jewish religion by history.
the christians were a result from a community which practiced sufi-like disciplines at Galilaea/Israel called THE ESSENER or in later times the therapeuts (terra: earth , pneu: breath ). Jesus was a member and learned by them.
the ESSENER or 'children of the sun'
should be founded by an egypt
pharao a while before , the same
pharao who made the people
pray to one god instaed to several gods.
another group 'the Nazarener'
were just beside 'the Essener'.
.jesus learned and worked with both.
[there is an information that
the Essener called the god of the established
jewish religion 'negative(bad)'.CALL BABYLON FOR MORE].

it is remarkable that the 'Essener' or
the 'Terrapeuts' (terra':earth/pneu: breathing/soul) as they were
called after they fled unrest
and persecution in Israel and went
to Greece and other places in the world,
it is remarkable that they like Jesus
and his group in Jerusalem lived
strongly vegetarian.
[ the 'father'(also used 'father and mother ') in their prays ment
the cosmic-universal-knowledge
like the AKASHA-Cronic in the

while Jesus fled Israel after his
resurection two later born brothers
of him were cruzified by the romans.

if someone ask why Jesus was persecuted
through he and his group only
wanted to help the people,
here is the answer:
Jesus once openly in Jerusalem spoke
with a member of a people-movement
'the Saduzaer'.
This group wanted (like others) Israel
to get free of the Roman Occupation.
The Saduzaers had killed one
Roman Legionaer for this reason.
when Jesus talked with them
he in the sight of the Romans
was also a 'terrorist'.

Often unknown is that the group
of healers and wisdom-teachers
with Jesus as a kind of 'CEO'
sometimes consumed
halizogene drugs ('they took
Anoka and they got anoka').

They also promoted 'Free Love'.
mostly unknown is also the information
that Jesus had homosexuell
experiences .
the information is=
' Jesus was invitated by a rich
young fellow to spend the night
in his house.
in this night Jesus was introduced
in the kingway .'
' kingway' in this tradition
ment homosexuell activities .

> Hinduismn/Brahmanism is an
Indian tribe.Meanwhile get many friends in the whole world.
Meditation and many practical mental and physical healing-technics Yoga , Ayurveda etc.
Can call this tribe the BIRDS.

WARNING: *Some of the used
Informations can NOT BE VERIFIED

[ if there is a special montain
and different people describe
it in different ways and at
different times and weathers
. . so at least it is the same
in this way understanding
of ' d a o ' works ]
::: her devine godess ::: k e i ::: the m e d i c i n - m a n ::: d a o ::: brahman ::: o m ::: alef ::: Y A M A ::: RA ::: AEONJUICE :::

the 'gods' : big volume of power
and knowledge/knowledges.
called 'the rajas'.
in the meditation-praxis You really must not care about.
better care not to disturb them.
give them kindly respect.
don't discuss with angry rajas .
don't feed the peaceful rajas.
( in this way the Guru explained it..)

dont beg them for help if You
can solve situation/problem by your own.
only ask them (one or several or all)
for help if you are certain to get
a helpful answer/aid an the goal is
worth to do so.

There is one thing/goal You
can beg the r a j a s for help.
also ALL siddhi(power) and whisdom-keeper :
to all ( ! ) beings including your own.
they may help in a useful way.

please remember that MOKSHA
is the diszipline :
kindly awareness for yourself,
your world, your sympathisants,
for the symphatisants of your
symphatisants and so on.

**dharma(cosmic truth and meditation-praxis )amazing
in the beginning**dharma amazing
in the middle**dharma amazing
in the end*/
WEIWUWEI , always take it with a smile.

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