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media - Comics/Fantasy/Anime

>>Gems reply to Spliff<<

Lmfao anyone who wants a good demonstration of retardation(fuck ima poet and i dont even know it)should go visit and see the idiocy that sparked this reply from me. If you can get past all the profanity that tarnishes your screen on that page..So.....
This is my reply to Brent aka analmaster ag i mean Spliffmaster and the endless bouts of hearsay crap comments he posted bout me on the fsu postage site. (sarcastically stops pants from shaking) Now first off Brent boy i think you should go on a whole new re-embarkation of your creative insult texting or lack therof. What you doing on sundays? If you free on one i gladly volunteer to give you sum lessons on how to make a proper retaliation site. (Blinks involuntarily) Now i really wana know how exactly did
you play me my son? You invited me on mxit and talked to me about rugby and then cried to me how your girl friend gets phone calls from other guys and then i got a msg from you sayin."People i am deleting mxit for the sake of my relationship"(Blinks again) Then you send me saying "If your in jozi again sms me and we can go do sumthing" Wow Brent making asumptions from that its clear you played me so hardcore huh?(not) *note the sarcasm* Nah Brent "gimpboy" you a fencesitter and then wana preach
individuality to me claiming i dont know what it means while you proven to be a lil sheep just running after and trying to get in on the action on who everybody else is beefing with.(refers to comment posted on to waisted mind by Brent) Claim ima newby well whoopi for that. Your own words Brent 'Gem you have made alot of noise on the mountain i know who you are bud' The pink shirt line again. Brent even if i had a prom dress on, i would still look better than you uglyboy
Anyone who dispute that can just go the and go the fsu members section and prolly have nightmares from looking at that pic to(still horified). You state that im such a weak leader but tell me now seriously Brent why is Zod still around and bigger and better organised than ever hmm? Go to the Zodsite and try comprehend sum of the text. You might learn how a sucsessfull clan works(get your passive homosexual partner darksyd to read it to plz cause rumour has it mod is no more).
Now lets get into the topic of publicity you text about. Yes Brent thats the only way fsu will ever be noticed if i make you guys famous but you would still just go onto the list of clans that tried a war with Zod and got served. Your boy Wes told me Zod wont last a month after he declared war on us. That was 7 months ago Brent. Do you grasp the irony you insepid idiot hmm? Now Zod gets insulted for having being named after starsigns that coming from a dude who names its clan fuck shit up.
And whos only ambition in life is to make enough tips at chicken licken to support his next acid trip(rests my case on the debate bout whats more creative Zodiac or fuck shit up) .Now you claim i cant battle but its just funny how in rum 7 the other day 4 the following fsu members made a mass exodus when i text 4 comments bout clanfsu-spliff.fsu/chaoticbitch.fsu/pinz.fsu/candycane.fsu. Now Brent feel free to come and test that theory of yours. You know where to find me come and play in room 7 sumtime gimp.
Lmfao now you really cracked me up by trying to suck up to mephisto and in the next line you text that Zod is similar to kafers. Dont be burning your bridges now uglyboy, Meph is black(sakes my head and laughs at your stupidity) roflmfao. 2 Insulting tips quick Brent- text insult not diss, it will make you seem smarter. And lay off the profanity, you only demonstrating your Danville mentality and upbringing quite clearly. Can you be original and plz try and formulate your own insults and not text me crap
that is as old and dryridden as your exorcist look alike spineless girlfriend dude. Why would you claim i have no money for airtime Brent? Tell me now how whould i operate 24 profiles if dont have money for. Theres that poverty comment back up your crack Spliff. Now you called me an incompitent knobjock. Brent that comment comming from a guy who uses a family line to try and insult me is abit hypocritical dont you think. Haha that comment bout reck really had me laugh outloud Brent.
Wake up china you only insulting your own girlfriend there. Yes Brent you just admitting that she is scared of Reckless bitch and you hafta fight her battles for her(sighs). Think before you text stuff that only insults your gals own spinelessnes. I apreciated the me getting used by Caylie line and that im having mxit 2nds. I take it to heart dude(not), and i know you talking out of expierence hence the reason why you deleted mxit and we all know snowys rep(rumour has it yr boy Wes cybered her to).
Thing bout Wes is. He aint that bad, he can actually call himself a hasbeen while you on the otherhand never even were or ever shall be anyone of any importance on dark mountain. You claim i was in hiding. God where do you get all this crap?(really wants sum of that shit you smoking son) You state that im not liked(chuckles). Dude that wont make me get a complex and make me delete mxit uglyboy. But atleast i figured out why snow posted yr pic. She knows that after the chicks see your
(reason why abortions were leagalised face) she doesnt have to worry bout you getting any invites from gals(high 5s snow) That was smart gal.(winks) Thanks for the Joe lines Brent, but once again you just insulting her being so sick to screw a kid. Ask Meph he got dropped for me and Waisted got dropped for a 19 yr old by her. So its a common ocurance with her and the fault doesnt lay by me my son. Now what a stupid comment bout the dkm legends page. Are you jealous cause i didnt put you there?
Shame (gives brent tissues for his issues). Now i see alot of anger in you son (refers to fsupostage site and other people lashed out to by the gimp) You lash out at albinos, indians, black people and women. Now i will post a question to the people reading this. Isnt Brent just the saddest person alive with so much anger that just points to an early childhood molestation hey? Now me being from Bloem is the only thruthfull line in that whole bible of envy he text about me on the fsu site.(idiot .period)
Now Brent boy i suggest you go back to yr Hilbrow batchelorsflat and rethink your position as demonstrating yr an incohorent fool who doesnt make sense most of the time. And that dictionary you talking about, look up the words 'haemorrage' cause you make as sense as a bleeding vagina on a hermaphrodital sewer rat and the word 'burlesque'somthing that your clan is and i really think you should go nurse your ass i just handed to you son.(gives Brent his ass on a tray with the words gemsbitch engraved on it).

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