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media - Comics/Fantasy/Anime

>>The Spliffmaster<<

Yes people this cave-troll is Brent aka anybody that dispute this can just check out Just watch out that the shit dont rub off. Now before we get into the Gimpboy i would like to post a statement made by Brent to lady friend of mine and anyone who question this can invite me on 076 257 4655 and i will gladly send the file to you- 2007/07/28 18:23- Ppl tend to believe what they read. Specially when there is clan of ppl backing that info- slanderous bullshit
mixed with personal info makes alotta eyebrows raise and makes people think. Plus i have been on tha mntn longer than you can operate a cellphone. I know alotta people in the right circles on dkm. Lets just say i have a powerful say in the greater sceme of things. And yes i will use that. Survival of the fittest and then remeber one thing. Its only mxit when you start crying-
Now people, what the stupid Gimp didnt notice was by trying to talk himself big and threatning a lady he just admitted and confessed that he writes lies bout people on his site and then get his clan to vouch and back those false claims..*laughs out very loud* (idiot point period) Now if even 4 lines of the crap was true i would actually feel insulted. And yes people looks like because of the Ugly boys looks he has an inferiorority complex and likes to threaten ladies. I will post another statement to prove
how he likes to pick on gals. 2007/07/28 18:23- K u Chose your course of action. Believe me Reck you gonna get hurt and Snow gonna get hurt over a fucking simple mxit thing. We got nothing to hide me and Snow.. u dnt 2.. Dnt make me make a mockery of your personal life. Plz there is another way. Why dont you guys just stay out of eachothers way is what i dnt understand. Cause Snow is gna get hurt. You gna get hurt and im gonna get hurt. But i asure you dnt want me to post shit Reck. Cant we all just agree
2 disagree and stop being childish todlers.- Yes people thats how our Zodsbitch Brent like to talk to ladies. I saw another 2 confessions and begging and threats in that statement. Yes Brent we all know you a todler and thanks for admitting again that you post shit about people. That just damages the validity and credibality of yr postage site so bad, you incohorent idiot*gives Brent a book titled how to not prove yr a pathological liar*
Yes Brent you did not bet that out of all the people the Gem would have the gals back you threatning hey. Thats gotta bite hey uglyboy. Now dear reader just to prove the baboons own words that he does post slanderous bullshit bout people visit his crap site at and see how wild this boys imagination is and how far his stupidity stretches. Just becareful that the shit dont rub off though. Yes Brent you got yr ass handed to you again by the Gem..P-)

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