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media - Man

>>Gem's reply to Opm.fsu<<

roflmfao..jarre just look at this pic. Yes this lil moron is Opm.fsu. This lil insepid tos claims he can wait to run into the gem in the street. Well judging from your pic ima be so scared lil dudie(not)..
Now avid reader i did not want to make this boy famous but sinse fsu password protected their guestbook*wonders why and laughs outloud* i hafta do it here. Now im first going to post his comment and then my reply to that bunch of idiocy personified will follow. Now if there are any farmers reading this page we are looking for a sheep plz. If you can maybe donate one as we looking for a compatible donar for a brain transplant for 'Opm'. And a sheep definatly comes to mind..roflmfao P-)
Comment by revelations in fsu guestbook 23/08/07 21:43 -Omfg gem.and u claim you can read.Check members pics.maybe ull decipher opm right next to the nick revelations.and reck no i dont know the whole story but i still stick up 4 my friends no matter what.i cant wait 4 the day that brent meets gem in the street or i do 4 that matter..
The Gem's reply- Now first off lets think up a new nick for Opm*hmm thinks and gets a brainwave* Yes lets call Jason..Brent's Php(passive homosexual partner) So from now on Jason will be reffered to as Opm<php>fsu. Now my dear boy lets take a look at your comment and see how your retardation and stupidity(from swallowing Brent's semen) shines through clearly,[very clearly].
Oka now lemme get first claim that i stated i can read. Now where did i claim that. Now if i did not claim that and you gave me a counter on that means that you replying to summing that was not stated(no its not a trick statement to confuse the mofo anyfurther) and means you texting random retaliations out of you or Brents ass.. 8-)
Now ima jump to your last statement then come back to the other. Yes Jason aka "php" you wana fight in real life over a chatapplication. Now who was it from fsu that claimed its only mxit(yes it was Brent "The Gimp") Now if you really wana have a scuff in real life, tell me gou do you still work at The Keg in Keywest in Krugersdorp. Yes barman Larry i suggest you go back to mixing cocktails and pouring shooters cause typing insults aint for you oukie..roflmfao
And even though i will knock your sissy ass the fuck out im not the type of guy that takes insults on a chatapplication into real life. Reason being i brush insults off and throw em back up your ass. Trying to fight a guy in real life cause you getting phazed with text just proves that 'the pen(in this case the cellphone)is mightier than the sword(in this case a retards aggression)' Yes Jason aka "php" ima lover not a fighter my boy.
*takes a trip down memory lane* Hmm..Now i recall about 8 months ago a certain lady on dkm left her boyfriend(Jason php) for The Gem..Yes now i remember my queen i had at that time left a guy by the name of Opm.es4l for me. That is you aint it Jason? So now your lil comment bout just sticking up for your buds is being proven false and we can all see you jealous cause The Gem satisfied your gal better with text than you could in real life cupcake(ouch).
Now last point you claim to not know the whole story, well then ima state that you cant read cause the whole lowdown is in your guest book which your "saadslukker" leader now password protected cause he getting his ass handed and The Gem exposing him for the true person he is. Yes Jason "php" i suggest you make sure of your facts before lashing out and making your name tos in the guestbooks. And im not even gonna get into yr looks and personality
(as the whole yr gal leaving your ass for me explains all and ill rest my case on that topic). Now really Jason "php" if you really wana know the whole story i will meet you one day when im Jozi again when out with zodboys and we can meet for a dop(ill even pay as we all know bartenders dont earn much) and i will gladly explain and even draw you sum pictures as to why i am ripping Brent "saadslukker" apart for threatning my lady. Til then fuck you dearly and have a nice life cockboy..roflmfao P-)

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