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media - Man

>>Game over "saadslukker"<<

Ok mense..i really dont plan to scare you all away from the site with this pic..but yes this is Brent aka "saadslukker". roflmfao why is it that the big dumb okes always shave their heads? Is to make em look meaner or do they lack the brains to comb their hair..8-)
Yes people just to prove that Brent "saadslukker" is phazed beat down like a dog and obviously one of those freaky fuckers that abuse woman and who expose programs like "Carte Blanch" warns you about ima post his last comment in fsu guestbook before password protecting it like the bitch he is..roflmfao P-)
Comment by Thespliff in fsu guestbook on 24/08/07 7:42- that a retorical question reck.if u stood before me um without a shadow of a doubt ill knock yr head straight of yr fkn shoulders and kicking the shit outa u hardly counts as beating up a girl wich obviously you neva gonna be in the first place-
Now obviously from that text its cleary notible that we got under "the gimp's" skin and he has no more replies(not that he ever had any that made sense) and wants to retord to violence now. That makes me think now that we must actually pitty poor Carol and makes me ask the question..does Brent beat Carol. You see Brent my boy its game over son. Ive exposed you for the real dick you are. And i did it all by sitting texting on a phone. Yes Brent you may delete mxit again we understand son.
It aint easy making it in the grownup world if you were blessed with an cave troll complexion and grey matter the size of a jnr chicken burger patty.*passes the box of tissues and a razor and a pack of disprins* Yes Brent you may commit suicide now. The world wont miss you. Drink the disprins so you will bleed out faster. Yes Brent use the razor and cut those wrists you use to beat women with "semenswallower".
And all this talk about fighting in real life. Should i be scared now cause the gorilla beat his chest and screamed "haa ee haa i are mad now" hmm? Brent *sarcasticlly stops pants from shaking* i really aint scared of you bra. Your threats might work on woman but i aint intimidated at all and im still laughing at you on your cellphone screen. Check here Brent >roflmfao. See thats me laughing at you seun.. P-)
Now my challenge still stands Brent"saadslukker" come play in the lair sumtime and ill make you look just as stupid as im making you look here. Hey ill even create a pvt rum and give you the password and you and Carol can come and take me and my Reck on(holds hand before mouth.did i text my Reck.check the gossip frenzy now) But being the scared shit you are you will decline ne"Gimp". So Brent sinse you hiding like you are i guess its game over untill you grow sum balls and come play sumtime..8-)
Oh ya and a big shoutout goes to Stevo.fsu who is now befittingly dubbed "Gemsbitch". Hows this i get called to a rum cause stevo be texting insults at a lady. I directed to comments at the idiot and he ran infront of a fellow fsu member. Yes ask hotbitch.fsu how stevo ran. Oka sniffmaster when ever you feel the need to be served again, you know where to find me cupcake. *gives Brent his fsu tag back thats been raped and abused by Zod* roflmfao rock on P-)

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