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>>Kak funny comments<<

I stumbled upon 4 kak funny comments in the fsu guestbook that was written by Zods and i just have to post them here for every one to read. Just a pitty they password protected their guestbook now and we cant have fun there nomore. *sad face* the comments were all made to spliff and we still waiting on replies to those comments.. Roflmao..
JUGGERNAUT- 22/08 20:06
Awoah splifster. And how be the saadslukker today. Still abit sore from the rodeo i see. Ya well that is unfortunatly how the cookie crumbles son. You're the zod bitch and we are riding that ass of you untill you cry. Say what *listens closely*you want to take me from behind. Sory son but im not that kind of gentleman hey. But you more than welcome to meet my dog butchy. Here butchy butchy-.
here he comes now-Great dane apears around the cornner- see he will be nice to you. Just your size and type. Yeah your ass is so worn out from the riding that the people giuing you, but you they said that you dont care cause you mos the mntn's gimpboy. K ill leave you and butch alone to get acquanted abit better and butch be nice to the poor saadslukker he abit rusty at this roflmfao
RECKLESSBITCH- 22/ 08 17:50
Now about me and dicks.hmm...where on earth do i go from here? Yes i do love dicks. I love giving head. I love alot of things. But what has that gou to do with any of this is quiet beyond me. Stooping to levels of a sexual nature is rather weak wouldn't you say? And there is no way im turning on gem unless offcourse its to take it from behind. *shocked looked* is that what you want to hear? I can
openly say that ima slut. A whore. Mxits own village bicycle.doesnt bother of im the slightest. I know who i am. Gem knows who i am and so do alot of other people. I could say anything to.
ORICHIMARU- 20/08 09:59
Greetings assholes! Look spliffmeister, spliffy or spliffster. Whatever you wana call yr ignorent aborginee bubblegum lookin, shitstripe goatee wearing albino ass. U might not know this but u have helped up a great deal, here at Zod, you've provided the newbies with a perfect example of what not to look like when outside the house. You should be a good rolemodel for others like you and stay
indoors at all times. Shii-yat! man, i scheme he you were out in the sun to long, could be used to bake eggs on that klip of yours. But then again who would dat that shit. A cockroach would run past it. Fast dude. That foul smelling, tapeworm infested piece of dog i stepped in this morning looked better than you. So i decided to keep it and call it "rodadkill"nice nick btw. Only thing is sumtime
or other spliffs get smoked."anyway congrats on the KAK site. I hope your patting yourself on the back.. As for the rest of you unfortunate souls that stumble this place. The Zod site is thattaway--> . I need members for my house. Kampai assholes!
JUGGERNAUT- 21/08 14:43
Greetings to the master spliff-grabs his head and makes him kiss my ass -yeeehhh haaahhh!!! Rides his ass like a rodeo bull. Now thats the way a fsu member should be treated. Cmon horsy come and fuck with Zod abit more. I love having fun with boys like you. I just wana ride your back and make you crack. Like the worn down donkey you are.-waves a rotten carrot infront of Brent- Cmon donkey now we
gonna do tricks. Sit.. cant do that. roll over.. cant do that. play dead.. Yeah!!! Thats the donkey i know. -throw Brent with carrot- now heres something you can do Brent. Go dig a grave and go play your donkey tricks there son. We are Zod and we will destroy you. WHOA ZOD!!!

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